In Overcast, billing mainly revolves around prepaid plans. When launching a server, you have to select its tier, which sets the base server price, and the prepaid billing plan, which determines the discount based on the number of months you pay in advance for. Upon confirmation, the calculated amount is then charged on the credit card you have on file as payment method.

At the end of the prepaid period, the server is automatically renewed for the same number of months and its cost charged on the credit card again.

Other costs are charged on a monthly basis based on the actual resources consumption: this includes the over-quota data transfer and stored server snapshots.
In fact all tier prices include the cost of data transfer of a maximum amount of gigabytes per month. In case this amount is exceeded, the additional data transfer is billed. The cost of stored server snapshots is instead based on the volume size (in GBytes) and actual hours of storage.


The Billing section of the Overcast admin allows you to keep track of all transactions made in the environment.

Pending charges

Under the Transaction tab you can view all recent transactions, the relative details and manage your due payments. The latter are the transactions that didn't go through for various reasons (e.g. the automated payment failed because a manual authentication was required by the credit card issuer) and can be paid manually.

Click on the [Details] icon to see the details of the transaction, or view and print the related invoice by clicking on the [Invoice] icon to the right. The invoice is also sent by email when the payment is processed.

Pending charges

Pending charges

In this section you will find a list of pending entries that will eventually be charged. The reason for the delay is that their sum total is less than the minimum amount for a single transaction. The system will keep accumulating these small charges and aggregate them into a single payment.

Invoicing details

Here you can review and edit your invoicing details, should they be subject to change.

European companies should enter here their VAT identification number to avoid the Italian Value Added Tax (22%) being added to invoices. VAT is always added to EU individuals and Italian companies and individuals. VAT identifier is validated against VIES service.

Payment method

This section allows you to review and edit the active credit card, used for paying the service. The tab also lists your previous payment methods, which can be removed by clicking on the [Delete] icon.

Your credit card number and verification code are never transmitted to us, and we will never have direct access to them, not even temporarily. As you enter your credit card details, they are immediately and securely transferred from your device to Stripe, the leading platform we rely on to manage online financial transactions.