Introduction to Overcast

Overcast is a dedicated cloud-based hosting service for SmartFoxServer 2X that provides a complete stack to build and run rich multiplayer experiences at any scale.

With Overcast developers can deploy any number of SFS2X instances in the cloud, world-wide, with a simple web-based interface. Each instance runs in its dedicated server with unlimited CCU and provides 100% of the SmartFoxServer 2X features. This means that customers can deploy and run their server-side Extensions, tweak the server settings to their needs, integrate other services and libraries, etc.

Overcast also allows to spawn any number of MySQL servers with a few clicks, offering high capacity storage for your games that integrates directly with SmartFoxServer.

By running on top of the Amazon's AWS infrastructure, Overcast provides a flexible and reliable one-stop shop for running multiplayer games with all the necessary tools, from storage to web services to security and server-side code.