All servers belonging to a cluster (Lobby and Game Nodes) can be administered as usual using SmartFoxServer's AdminTool.

In addition to the AdminTool's modules and settings available in Overcast, when connecting to the cluster's Lobby Node, the following modules specifically designed to manage the SmartFoxServer Cluster and its nodes become accessible:

  • Cluster Monitor
    Access live information on nodes (CCU, CPU, memory, network, traffic, threads, etc)
  • Cluster Configurator
    Set global cluster parameters: scaling thresholds, custom load balancing and more
  • Extension Deployer
    Upload server Extensions and distribute to nodes

When connecting to either a Lobby Node or a Game Node, the following modules dedicated to the SmartFoxServer Cluster are available:

To access the modules go to the servers' list and click the [Admin] icon for the Lobby to be redirected to the admin login screen.

Open AdminTool