Server updates

From time to time we will release new updates for SmartFoxServer 2X that can be automatically applied to your current instances, if needed.

These updates fall into two categories:

  • Critical: a critical patch typically addresses severe bugs or security issues and it is highly recommended.
  • Non critical: these patches usually provide minor bug fixes, new features or updates to existing ones; you don't necessarily need to upgrade if you're not interested.

The availability of an update will show up directly in your server's list, so you won't miss them.

Critical update

In this example, there's a critical update available. We recommend viewing the Server Details page (click on the server name) to learn more.

Update details

Here you can click on the version update notification to view the details of the release notes, or click the Schedule update button to... schedule the update.

Scheduling the update

You can schedule the update for the next day at any hour between 1:00 and 23:00. Just keep in mind that this operation is irreversible, meaning that once you've submitted an hour for the operation you won't be able to cancel it.

Schedule update

At the scheduled hour the server will be temporarily stopped, the patch will be applied and the server will restart immediately after. Typically a patch requires less than 1 minute of downtime.