» Server snapshots

Server snapshots allow you to create an image of one of your server to use a template for future instances. To create a server snapshot, go to your server's list and click the corresponding gear icon:

Take server snapshot

Click the Take snapshot option and confirm the operation in the next popup window:

Confirm server snapshot

You can assign a name to the snapshot and decide whether or not the server should be rebooted before proceeding. The recommended option is to reboot, since snapshotting a server while it's running may result in some files being corrupted in the final image (this can happen if files are being written while the snapshot process is running).

Creating a snapshot can take a few seconds or several minutes depending on the size of the server's disk. For a 20-40GB disk it will typically require less than a minute.

NOTE: server snapshots are local to the region where they were created. In other words these images can only be used to create new copies of the server in the same region. If you need to create new instances in a different region, make sure to copy the snapshot to that region first.

» Copying snapshots to another region

Select the snapshot view from the top navigation, choose the snapshot to copy and click the copy icon to create a copy of the image in a new region:

Copy snapshot

Then choose the target region, edit the snapshot name if necessary and confirm.

Copy snapshot

» Creating new servers from a snapshot

Creating a new server from an existing snapshot is easy.
From your Application click the new server icon which will start the guided procedure. In step number two of the configuration, select the snapshot from the dropdown menu and complete the remaining steps.

Create server from snapshot