Creating a new application

In order to create a new application, access the Overcast web interface and on the Applications page click the [Create] icon on the right side.

Create an application

As the application creation/editing pages shows up, you can give it a name and (optionally) a description.

Set application details

Confirm the application creation by clicking the Submit button. You will be sent back to the initial Applications view. Click the application name to access its details, its controls and the list of server it groups.

Using a custom domain name

In Overcast you can associate a second-level domain name with each one of your applications. This is needed to be able to assign third-level domain names to the servers grouped under an application. Routing the traffic to a server through its domain name is required if you want to activate SmartFoxServer's protocol cryptography, which requires a standard SSL certificate linked to an existing domain.

Setting-up a domain name

From the application details view, you can assign a domain name to an application by clicking the [Edit domain] icon at the bottom left. This can be done on existing applications too, even if you already deployed one or more servers.

Application details

As the modal window shows up, enter a second-level domain name, for example Please note that you must have access to the domain registrar's control panel to configure the name servers.

Assign domain name

After the domain has been associated successfully, a notification lists the name servers you have to configure in your domain control panel. In case you need to access this list later, you can click the [Info] icon located to the right of the domain name in the application details.

Domain name servers

Associating an IP address

If you need a server to respond to requests sent to the second-level domain, for example a web server showing your game presentation website or providing access to the game client, you can associate an IPv4 address with the second-level domain by clicking the [Record A] icon located to the right of the domain name in the application details.

Set IP address

As the modal window shows up, enter the IP address of the server you want to associate with the domain. This can be an Overcast server, or any other server located at your hosting provider of choice.
If you already associated an IP address before, enter a new IP to substitute the previous one, or leave empty to delete the existing association.

Set IP address

Deleting the application domain

It is always possible to delete the domain name associated with an application. Keep in mind that by doing so, all running server of the application which have been assigned a third-level domain name won't be reachable by means of that name anymore.
In order to proceed, click the [Delete] icon located to the right of the domain name in the application details.

Delete domain

As the modal window shows up, the list of currently active third-level domain names is loaded and displayed in the gray area. Click on the Remove button to delete the second-level domain and all its subdomains. Please note that the existing servers under the current application will still show the domain name they were assigned, but this won't be available anymore.

Delete domain